About Community Church of Cartoonville

Community Church of Cartoonville is a fictional church with fictional characters from cartoons, comic strips, TV shows and movies.  This page is intended to describe all of the other pages under the 'About' section.  Those pages include one page for each 'Ministry' defined in the People/Volunteers function in SeekerWorks.NET™, as well as three additional default pages for defining what the church believes, who the leaders are, and who is on staff with the church.  Of course, SeekerWorks.NET™ can be used in other non-profit organizations as well, and any of these default pages can be removed or added to at your leisure.

Even though this is not a real church, you can browse the various ministries and use your imagination to fill in the rest.  The Ministries of Community Church of Cartoonville and the additional pages include:

  • ACME Ministry: George Jetson leads this youth ministry for middle-school and high-school students.
  • Children's Ministry: Stuart Tiddlywink leads this child ministry for babies through elementary-school students.
  • Finance: Thurston Howell, III leads this benevolence, financial services and accounting ministry.
  • Hospitality: Betty Boop leads this ministry for assisting anyone attending CCCartoonville who is hungry, thirsty, etc.
  • Music/Drama/Production: Jane Wilder leads the Creative Arts ministry, and this example shows an alternate description.
  • Small Group Ministry: Scott Striver leads this ministry for Bible studies, discipleship and community groups.
  • Volunteer Placement: Elmer Fudd seeks to help those who want to volunteer find a spot they can be passionate about.
  • What We Believe: This page clarifies the beliefs of this church.
  • Who Are The Leaders: There are currently 4 elders at this church, with pictures.
  • Who Is On Staff: There are 2 staff positions, with pictures.